I had an amazing time at KINDIECOMM 2015, a convention for Children's Independent Songwriters.  It was held at World Cafe Live/WXPN Studios in Philadelphia.  Couldn't believe this was in my own back yard.  I attended some amazing workshops put on by Children's Music Network, and met many old and new friends in the business.  I had serious and enlightening conversations with the guys from the Pop-Ups, and Joe from the Okee Dokee Brothers, who all agreed that more children's songwriters need to write for schools and families, giving them material that supports the idea that it is okay to be yourself, whoever or whatever that is.  We talked about writing songs that reflect the changing and more accepting times (sounds like a Dylan song, eh?)  I also got to meet and take a photo with my childhood TV mentor....Bob McGrath from Sesame Street.  He was so sweet and encouraging.  He lead a beautiful and touching rendition of "The Rainbow Connection" that left not a dry eye in the house.  I LOVE being a Kindie Artist, and am so grateful to all the musicians, producers, children, publishers and DJ's that showed up just when I needed them to.