Annie Lynn, President and Chief Composer at  AnnieBirdd Music, LLC, began writing songs when she was 14 years old, while acting in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” with the Germantown Theater Guild in Philadelphia. Asked to write “a nature song” by the show’s director, Annie wrote “Listen,” and the song and the show were subsequently filmed and shown on CBS. “I remember being this excited 14 year old kid, so psyched that the first song I had ever written was on TV,” Annie reflects now. “If someone had told me that 30 years later, I’d be recording that song with my own child, I would have laughed! Now I have whole communities of school-aged children singing my own choruses back at me, and it really is a great feeling….”

This same great feeling carries over into many of Annie’s songs. Her children’s singles, “That’s All There Is,” "Listen - a nature song" "STOP THAT! - A Bullying Prevention Song" and "New School" have been featured and favorably reviewed on the Peabody Award-winning children’s radio program “Kids Corner with Kathy O’Connell” on Philadelphia’s WXPN, with rebroadcasts on Sirius Radio. The songs remain in rotation.

A Collaboration between Annie and songwriter/engineer/producer Chris Arms, recently produced a multi award winning CD called  "Annie Lynn, Chris Arms and Friends...No Time for Hate and other Songs for Schools."  This CD is ideal for schools, choirs and homeschoolers especially, and contains karaoke versions of the songs for assemblies, and offers youtube video links with practice videos and lyrics. 

 Topics include:

* bullying prevention

* tolerance and acceptance of others

* identity and self

* determination and motivation

* going to a new school

* nature conservation, including a new music video for Earth Hour!

Annie & Chris hold 15 International Songwriting Awards, including most recently, Finalist in the Mid- Atlantic Song Contest for kidlit song "Zombies Don't Eat Veggies" with Megan and Jorge Lacera (Studio Lacera) and GRAND PRIZE in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for "Best Children's Song" genre.

I won 80% of a recording studio (I had the rest), plus instruments, and became a full-service recording studio, complete with two sound engineers and a crew of talented musician friends and beautiful, funny, talented children. All are paid. All receive letters of recommendation.

Annie also volunteers, time permitting, as a music assistant in her school district, and teaches her songs. She even took one elementary school choir to the Harrisburg State Capitol to sing her songs for the Senators and Representatives!

Annie's music can also be heard featured on :

*National radio   *podcasts   *cable/Network TV    *business websites

*Book Trailers  *TEACHER GUIDES THAT GO WITH BOOK/TEXT  *Rodeo (YUP, you read that one right!)

Her song, “The Key To My Heart,” was licensed as music for an educational video to promote reverse-mainstreaming in Pennsylvania schools. The song instantly became the lynchpin for the entire effort, and generated a surprisingly large number of requests for copies from teary-eyed parents.


* Classically trained, B.S.ed with concentration in Music Education

* University of Hartford, Hartt College of Music - CT

* West Chester University - PA

* Paralegal Degree: Main Line Paralegal - PA


Before becoming a professional songwriter, Annie taught music in K-5th grade, in Pennsylvania.

As a singer/songwriter, she performed in area clubs throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Annie has also worked previously as a performer/educator for Prescription Music, a music education touring company dedicated to preserving traditional folk music. 

Annie is a proud, card carrying member of the:

Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA)

* National Association for Music Educators (NAfME)

* International Bullying Prevention Association (IBPA)

* Children's Music Network (CMN)

* Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

Annie is also the mother of now 17 year old Alexander, (an honor roll student....can I brag, please?) a budding singer/songwriter, and frequent co-collaborator and touring partner. Alex is also the video producer and editor for all AnnieBirdd Music, LLC videos.


 Cool Stuff and Awards:

We're On Your Radio!

Thanks to Sagan Thacker in North Carolina, at Radio Active Kids at Asheville FM 103.3; Grandfather Paul Stark at Musical Merry Go Round at KDHX 88.1 FM St. Louis; Paul Butler at Kids Crossroads  AND Imagination Parade at WFDU 89.1FM in NYC, Dave Loftin at The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl Podcast, as well as Chloe's Friendship Circle, a  Podcast for Kids and Families, and and for their generous airplay.  Also thanks to Stefan Shepard at for the nice review of "I Kept Your Present" Finally, thanks to "That Family Show" for featuring our song "It's Earth Hour" and helping us get those free song downloads out!  For Links to listen to these programs and reviews,  along with other talented Kindie artists...go to my links page.

March 2021:  

On the first day of January's STORYSTORM 2021:The Musical Edition, and throughout the next 8 weeks, I enjoyed writing music and a few lyrics for a new Kidlit song with Librarian and Author Jolene Gutiérrez.  Jolene and I won each other in the Fall Writing Frenzy 2020, a yearly Autumn writing contest created and lovingly tended to by Author/Agent Kaitlyn Sanchez and Author/Journalist Lydia Lukidis.

Jolene and I decided to use our educational backgrounds with both Neurotypical and Non-Neurotypical children, and write an SEL song that would be a blueprint for what to do, if someone stands too close and invades your personal space. We wanted to present it in a fun and positive manner, and we even came up with dance moves, so that it can also be used for Physical Education.  

We had video meetings, attended SEL Webinars, and discovered lots of links between music and SEL (Social Emotional Learning). Most surprisingly.....we found that 33% of Non-Verbal children on the Autism Spectrum, enjoy singing! Did you know that speech and language is formed in your left brain, but music is developed and formed in your right brain. This may explain the increased participation for non-verbal children.

We wrote this as a Call and Repeat Song (Echo Song). You'll have to be quick if you want to answer back..... are you ready?

PRESENTING: "Space Creator (Not a Space Invader)" 




Jolene and I were also featured and debuted SPACE CREATOR on Lydia Lukidis's blog "Blissfully Bookish." Read & listen here... Blissfully Bookish Interview w/Annie & Jolene

Another of my Storystorm song projects was a little ditty written for the book birthday release (on MY Birthday!) of the book "Rissy No Kissies" by Author Katey Howes and Illustrator Jess Engle, Published by Lerner Books. The words that Katey wrote just flowed and fit perfectly to an instrumental my husband and producer were writing.  I asked Katey & Lerner Books for permission to use the words in a song, and they kindly and enthusiastically agreed. They were a pleasure to work with.   I got to work wrapping a melody and performance  around some of Katey's lovely words and Jess Engle's heartwarming illustration of little lovebird, Rissy, who DOES NOT like kissies.   I offered to share this song for two weeks, and Lerner agreed. While I am unable to continue sharing this song, I will leave you with the instrumental and a link to buy RISSY NO KISSIES, so you can sing along anyway.

Listen to:


 Autographed Copy of Rissy No Kissies Found Here! 


February, 2021:  

We are hard at work on two songs at once! Both are a secret waiting to burst, and involve Authors, Birdies, Space Invaders and heavy breathing. Stay tuned!

Also attended the SCBWI Mid-Winter Conference, online.

January, 2021:  

We did it AGAIN! AnnieBirdd Music, LLC competed against itself for a second month in a row, and entered Zombies Don't Eat Veggies (Studio Lacera/AnnieBirdd Music, LLC) and "I Believe In You" in the Funky Kids Radio Awards for Song Of the Year. Song was selected by popular votes. While we did not win the song of the year, we now will enjoy radio and internet radio airplay in AUSTRALIA! YAY. We have several songs already being used in Australian schools, so this new exposure makes us "chockers" with excitement and pride. You can find Funky Kids Radio (VIA Music Matters) online at: FUNKY KIDS RADIO - AUSTRALIA


January is also the annual celebration of STORYSTORM, the brainchild of Author Tara Lazar. The idea is to generate 30 ideas for 30 books or stories in 31 days. I had to add two extra weeks because of our recording schedule commitments, in order to do it the right way.  I ended up with enough song ideas to keep me busy the rest of the year and into next year.....Storystorm 2022: The Musical Edition. I used over 60 books to work on songs that would match the book themes. Favorites are Non-Fiction, STEM/STEAM and SEL.

December, 2020:  

12/31/20  New Year's Eve...... What a great way to end the year. We received the Finalist Award in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, for our song with Jorge and Megan Lacera of Studio Lacera. The song is "Zombies Don't Eat Veggies" from the award winning book of the same name.


In other news....the day after I got my email from the MASC about being a Finalist, my husband, also a songwriter with a different last name, found an email informing him that he was the OTHER Finalist in the competition. We couldn't stop laughing. The song we wrote (Walt was lead writer) "Is That You Randy?" was the name of the award winning song. I have competed against myself before, but never my husband. In reality, we are a team.

Illustration above for "Is That You Randy" by the fabulously talented Kidlit Author/Illustrator Traci Van Wagoner.  Find her at Traci Van Wagoner Website

November, 2020: STILL TOP SECRET

October 2020: TOP SECRET

September, 2020: In a weird and wonderful turn of events, two of my kidlit clients highly recommended me in an interview. Not only was I tickled by their comments, but it meant everything to know we were able to interpret their story into a song that made the book become an "immersive learning experience," as another client, Author Megan Lacera called it. 

 Here is the Link to the interview on the blog of Author Dawn Prochovnic




By Annie Lynn with lyric & performance contribution by David Litchfield, Author/Illustrator/Teacher




WE were also featured in one of my favorite Kidlit/Business/Life Advice Blogs by Rhys Keller. In the last six months, I have gained an incredible amount of personal insight, and sound marketing and organizational advice from Rhys's blog. I'm grateful to have found his blog, for authors, illustrators, parents, teachers, librarians and business entrepreneurs.   Here is a link to the blog, with the release of THE BEAR AND THE PIANO SONG, and a lesson on why music and theme songs are important in branding.  I loved being part of this sociology and business analysis! Thanks Rhys!



The Kidlit commission we wrote last month has been released, and it's for none other than ABIGAIL THE STORY TELLER. If you haven't heard her yet, go check out all the stories she reads and acts out. We can't wait to see what she will do in the coming years! She is wonderful.  Here is the song with more info on Abigail The Story Teller.....



August 2020:

We recorded our latest Kidlit Commission for a teen Youtube Storyteller. She is wonderful. Song premieres on her channel and on social media, first week of September.

Attended weeklong webinar on Reinventing Author Visits. I may be performing for and with Students, online, with Authors/Illustrators if I can get the hang of Zoom. 

Also enrolled in an online, six week course, through THE WRITING BARN (TX). The topic is WRITING FOR THE EDUCATIONAL MARKET. I am learning lots, and homework is writing songs based on examples we study in class. It's hard work, but worth it. And I am SOOOOO glad I am not the Author! I'll stick to music, thank you.


We set up the GREEN SCREEN STUDIO & LIGHTS. New puppets have been logged in, most named, and personalities developed. They will be starring in a new online show, filming to begin late September.

BIG HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR...... Attended the SCBWI Summer Spectacular. This was organized so well, and though held online (Zoom), it actually felt like an intimate gathering. I learned from editors, publishers, authors, illustrators, agents, teachers, librarians, media specialists... the list goes on. I was floating by the end of the five days, with new friends made, and new ideas racing through my musical mind.  I even wrote a folksong about my experience. One day I will share it. It's funny.



July 2020:

Highlights included multiple webinars, free and paid, on the subject of Children's Literature.

Attended TWO NerdCamps! NerdCampCT and NerdCampPA. It was an online gathering of Teachers, Librarians and Media Specialists, Authors and Illustrators. Breakaway sessions revealed beyond a doubt (and some agreed or said this on their own).....MUSIC COMPLIMENTS KIDLIT. 

We accepted another Kidlit Commission, a theme song....for a special young Youtube Kidlit Storyteller. We begin work soon, and will be finished early August. It will be aired first week in September.


June 2020:


Six years ago, something in me snapped, after seeing several stories in the media. Young children around 9-11 years old, being bullied by their peers for embracing non gender conforming practices, like a female who likes to wear boy clothing, cut her hair very short, likes to wrestle, go fishing...etc...or a boy who like to wear a My Little Pony Backpack. The backlash against just these two visible stories of DISCRIMINATION was swift and harsh, but did little to change the climate of intolerance.

The thing was, these were little kids, with time to figure out their identities, but instead, some of society, many close to them, were telling them they were "wrong" to like the things they liked to do and wear. They felt shame, and both schools allowed the discrimination and did nothing until the media called them out, forcing them to do something. One was a public school, that had told the parents "Maybe your son could not wear his My Little Pony backpack to school so he won't be picked on." The bullies were not disciplined until after the media shamed them.   The other school was a private religious school, and were allowed to discriminate, telling the guardians "Maybe she would be more comfortable at a public school next year?" That was it. I cried, I yelled, and I did what I always do when I am happy or mad.... I wrote a song about the problem. But I didn't want it to be a song of negativity. I wanted it to be an identity song, one that the whole school learned and sang to each other AND THE GROWNUPS OF THE WORLD!

I still feel that if children are raised in an environment of acceptance, understanding, welcoming differences and honoring them for everyone, that they retain these ideals and values. They will KNOW when they hear hatred and bigotry and fear, and call it out & stand against it. When people sing together, it brings them together.

I also work professionally, recording with several children I know to be questioning, so this song was even closer than media stories.

I have only heard from 4 schools and one CHURCH choir, that they were using this song, and my heart fills with joy and relief knowing this. I don't know how many other schools or homeschoolers have used this song, as it is one of the songs from our award winning CD "No Time For Hate and Other Songs for Schools" available on Songs for Teaching website:

WHO I AM on No Time for Hate and Other Songs for Schools


ALSO: This song comes with printed lyrics and a practice video, scored with 5 part harmony in spots. Here is the full song as a practice video. Students listen ahead of time, and then practice in school. SAVES MUCH TIME LEARNING!!! (I found that out quickly!)   SEE BELOW!

Special THANKS to illustrator Rob Sayeh Jr. who licensed this illustration to us for the CD Single on media platforms such as iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc., and also to be used by RADIO and PODCAST for their social media feeds as the song is being played on air.

Here is the song and design on Soundcloud:

May 2020:

Until the end of June, 2020, I will have the songs on this website streaming fully. The intent is for Teachers, Students and Parents to listen to these songs. Many of them are on my youtube channel, with lyrics, and the whole class or school can learn the same song to sing. HOW ABOUT A ZOOM ASSEMBLY WITH SINGING? 


We released our latest kid lit commission and can now reveal all (Why do book reveals take so long compared to Radio? hoo....)

AnnieBirdd Music, and Studio Lacera (Megan Lacera and Jorge Lacera) released the OFFICIAL THEME SONG OF: ZOMBIES DON'T EAT VEGGIES! (published by Lee and Low Books) The song was featured and premiered on Tara Lazar's Blog "Writing for Children While Raising Them." Here is the interview with AnnieBirdd Music, LLC and Studio Lacera  (CLICK ON LINK IN PHOTO!)

ALSO: Listen to the new Zombies Don't Eat Veggies Theme Song on Tara Lazar's blog 

AND:  Find this song, now on the Lee and Low Books website, as part of the Teacher Guide that comes with the book.

Here are some photos of the process, including our sound engineer coming over and using our decon'd outdoor sunroom which we converted to our new mixing room and summer office. Studio still in use, but the puppets miss the kids. Me too!!! 


April 2020:

This has been an incredibly fun month! We finished our kidlit commission. The release date is May 5th, on Cinco de Mayo. It will be released on Tara Lazar's Blog "Writing for Children (while raising them)"  We also accepted a longterm #kidlit commission to use in schools.

March 2020:

We are working on our newest Kidlit Commissionfor a book that has been having great success, with multiple printings in several languages. This is our most challenging commission yet because it involves a new genre of music we had experimented with, but not yet used in a song. It's sounding so good, and should be ready in early April. The Author will use it for school visits, possibly another book trailer, media placement, and again, we wrote this song so that it could stand alone as a radio song as well.

* This song is the second STORYSTORM 2020 commissioned song we did... due out April 2020.

February 2020:


We had such a fun time recording the new song we co-wrote with Author Michele McAvoy for her newest picture book with Illustrator Jessica Gibson, published by Cardinal Rule Press. The book is called "Cookie & Milk:  A Scientifically Stunt-tastic Sisterhood" and is a STEM book for both girls AND boys. 

This song was written to go with the lesson plan for Cookie & Milk. Teachers/Homeschoolers can use this song in class, or at an assembly with the author. They listen to the song before author visit, and are able to sing this easy "CALL & REPEAT/RESPONSE" song when she visits schools.

FYI - This was the FIRST SONG I WROTE FOR STORYSTORM 2020! Double Prizes!

We had the great luck to hire a trombonist from the West Chester University (PA) Jazz Ensemble, to add an extra layer of excitement to the song. He killed it. This song can actually stand alone as an unrelated song, giving it the potential of being a radio song as well.....

Here is the song, and a photo including the recording session. This link takes you directly to the author's lesson plan on her website......COOKIE AND MILK: THE SONG! By Author Michele McAvoy and AnnieBirdd Music, LLC


























I'm very proud of myself for maintaining the discipline needed to complete 30 songs ideas in 31 days. For me this was not just a learning exercise, filled with great blog post suggestions on Tara Lazar's blog, but it expanded my interests, confirmed my strengths, and we ended up with TWO Kidlit song commissions. Thank you Tara for all your guidance and for being a champion and mentor of Children's Literature.







January 2020:

Guess what I'm doing in January? STORYSTORM, a challenge by Author Tara Lazar, I have to come up with 30 ideas in 31 days for a kidlit book. I have taken this challenge on, and have renamed for my purposes: STORYSTORM 2020: The Musical Edition

I am very excited to see what I can come up with, and actually looking forward to the discipline of sitting down daily, whether I am feeling creative or not, and just working....allowing it to flow. NO JUDGEMENTS (right!) just ideas for the future. I will be making up melodies to go with picture books already released. Goodbye Free Range Annie and her "I feel a song coming on" writing style, lol.


January 31st is MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN'S BOOK DAY! The music video we made with Author/Co-Founder Mia Wenjen (The Pragmatic Mom) turned out wonderfully with a huge sampling of diverse books. Children are seeing their lives reflected more and more and it's a beautiful thing.  Can't wait for the Twitter Party with all the good book reviews.



AND FINALLY.........

We wrote the theme song for the "KIDLIT BITs" segment of the "My Messy Muse" Podcast with Author Michele McAvoy.  It turned out really well and Michele says she can't stop singing it. So much happiness in 25 seconds.

Here is the first time the song was used...... THANKS MICHELE FOR THE KIND WORDS IN INTRO!



December 2019:

Just finished making the advertisement for MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN'S BOOK DAY 2020, featuring the Theme Song we wrote.  This year's theme is "Physical and Developmental Challenges:Understand and Celebrate Our Differences." 

If you'd like to be part of this music video, and share your book recommendation, please contact me through this website.

November 2019:

 What a great way to start out November. I attended SCBWI-Eastern PA's Fall Philly Conference. Standouts for me were presentations on Writing for the Educational Market as well as an outstanding presentation on Marketing Your Book.





October 2019:

Attended the Chappaqua Children's Book Festival in New York. Got to meet some previous clients that are now friends, and also to meet some of the authors and illustrators that have given new life to Children's Literature, a new DIVERSE life... This was one of the best run book festivals I have ever attended and the speakers were interesting and knowledgeable.



September 2019:


* Our book trailer with song, with Author Dawn Prochovnic, Jacob Souva & West Margin Press is now featured  and then on permanent display in Kidlit TV's Book Trailer Section. Here's the link...


ATTENDED THE SCBWI HOUSTON CONFERENCE - I came to meet up with friends and also some future clients. I learned how to become a better songwriter just by listening to the advice given by the panelists. I learned a great deal about the kidlit publishing business, and had a wonderful time learning and socializing. This was a very well  put together conference.   








* PODCAST APPEARANCE: My son Alex W., (Star of Where Does A Pirate Go Potty song) and I enjoyed a playful chat with Author Michele McAvoy, on her podcast MY MESSY MUSE. Here's a link to that interview where Michele points out to listeners all the ways that music can be used to personalize Kidlit and make it more compelling to the reader...

August 2019:

IT'S OUT!!! WHERE DOES A PIRATE GO POTTY? Here is the book trailer with the song we wrote with Author Dawn Prochovnic, and the animation for the book trailer done by Illustrator Jacob Souva, published by West Margin Press. It turned out beautifully. If you want to see this funny book trailer, as well as be entered to win a free book or manuscript critique by Dawn AND a free copy of our CD "No Time for Hate and Other Songs for Schools" head over to the blog of Author Tara Lazar, where she was kind enough to premiere the book trailer and interview Dawn and me.



AnnieBirdd Music, LLC has been on a recording binge all of August. We are back to finishing our Climate Crisis Anthem, to be given to schools and Climate Strikers to sing at protests. The song is based on the words of Climate Warrior Greta Thunberg, as well as students from all over the world, who carried signs of warning and hope. Kid singers come in this weekend!


COMMISSION ALERT: We are writing a book trailer and school visit song for an established Kidlit Author for her upcoming book. This one covers Girl Power, Friendship and STEM. We love the story AND the Author. More to come on this...


July 2019:

 We FINISHED our Kidlit Commission for a book trailer song.




The Author, Illustrator and Publisher loved it and approved it as ready to go. The trailer will be out late August, I think, at which point I will share the secret identity of this multifaceted, talented, funny, kind Author. I could get used to co-writing with Authors.


Our first singer on our STEM song (Environmental, what else....)put down the lead vocal. She delivered the exact vocal sentiment needed to make this song's purpose clear.   We now send it to the other kids to learn, and in 2 weeks they come to record. I am excited to share it. Looks like some time in August.

This is from our session.



June 2019: 

*  This is shaping up to be an exciting month already! We began recording our STEM song and now the kids come in to do their parts.  

*  We have accepted our next cherished commission from a talented, funny Author, for their book trailer.

We haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Even our sound engineer who is usually serious let out a big hearty laugh, while in the studio mixing our son Alexander, who is the star of this commission. 

The other day he was looking for the lyrics and called for "The Lyrics Wench." (me) Heavy sigh...

May 2019: 

This was a busy May. We wrote four new songs, all for different markets; one for radio fun, one that is STEM related, and two jingles for CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK!  They turned out beautifully. I especially love "Tell Me About Your Book" a song that asks, "How was this book written, are the characters real,why did the author write about them," and more. Great song for Authors, Illustrators and Publishers. 

Take a quick listen, you'll be glad you did...

April 2019: 

I just got back from the late March KIDLITCON, held this year in Providence, RI.  It was amazing. Highlights for me included panels on Graphic Novels, First year Debut Picture Books, and STEM/STEAM to make them exciting (hint.. many should ALSO include songs). The Hotel Providence was beautiful and a perfect venue for it. My favorite thing though, was meeting all the authors, illustrators, teachers, bloggers and Librarians that I had seen photos of for months, while my husband, Walt, and I wrote the Multicultural Children’s Book Day Theme Song and then worked on the music video. They were all charming, generous with their time and advice, and many are funny.  I felt like there were handfuls of people who realized that music and songs, can be an extension of Kidlit. Especially deserving of songs are history books and science and graphic novels. We are working on some of those ideas now. 

Here are some photos from KidLitCon 2019....Reaching Readers

 (0n the way)

March 2019: 

March is one of our favorite months at AnnieBirdd Music, LLC. Every year, we re-release our two Environmental Conservation Songs as a new music video and offer two songs, FREE TO TEACHERS & HOMESCHOOLING for non-commercial use. Link to these complimentary songs are under "Music." 


COMING MARCH 30th, 2019 

 What are YOU doing for Earth Hour this year. Please watch this yearly music video that collectively, since 2009, has been seen over 20K times in 177 Countries. Is your country in this video???

Children's Music Network (CMN) Rainbow Concert at Springfield Public Library, Springfield, Pennsylvania 3/9/19 

I was pleased to be invited to perform with my fellow Kindie Songwriters at the CMN Rainbow Concert at Springfield Library. A good time was had by all, and the workshop beforehand was wonderful.

February 2019: 

We started February off with great excitement as we shared our "WORLD READ ALOUD DAY" Jingle with Flipgrid, who liked it and shared it with students on that platform. We got some cute thank you messages from students.  Here is the jingle:

February, 2019 is also full of songwriting for both Kidlit and educational songs (STEM/STEAM), as well as some very productive recording sessions so far. Kids come in to record during Spring Break next month. VERY EXCITED! 

February 14, 2019 saw the re-release of the my single "KEY TO MY HEART" featuring my son Alexander, when he was 10. It currently outsells my version of the song, and receives more airplay. I ended up (proudly)having to give him a raise...  I also licensed a design by Artist Marlene Jørgensen (@Vinkelmule) for the cover illustration of the single on iTunes and Soundcloud, as well as for use by Radio shows on their social media. This is the design and song:

January 2019: 

The Multicultural Children's Book Day Theme song has gone live, as of January 3, 2019. It turned out beautifully and was so much fun to write and work on, especially contributing the music for a music video featuring authors and illustrators of multicultural books. Mia Wenjen did a great job on the video.

November & December 2018: 

Late October and all of November have been full of radio play on several different kids radio programs, and three of our songs were featured. I cannot fully describe the joy I get seeing a kid hear themselves on the radio for the first, and every time. It never gets old and is heart swelling. 


AnnieBirdd Music, LLC has been given the distinct honor of writing the Multicultural Children's Book Day Theme Song for Multicultural Children's Book Day on January 25th, 2019. It will be used in a music video done by Mia Wenjen.We are in the studio with a handful of children every weekend between late November to mid December. Song wraps Dec. 19th. Music Video premiere in January, 2019.   We are looking for people to send us photos of themselves or their class or family, holding up a multicultural book. See Below for Details!

October 2018: 

After years of being asked to separate our songs into singles, we decided to make a few into singles. Our latest release into the digital world of singles, is "WHO I AM" an identity song. Cover Art for single is Rob Sayegh Jr., Check out his spellbinding illustrations at

Release of our new song "Is That You Randy?" written by Walt Wilczewski and Annie Lynn. This is a song that addresses the fears kids have at night about going to bed, and monsters coming out. It's also good for kids with OCD, as it uses some of the same self-soothing techniques, including visualization.  We were fortunate to have this song illustrated to accompany the digital distribution. The Artist we hired for this was the talented & playful illustrator, Traci Van Wagoner. (

 September 2018: 

RELEASE OF NEW VOTING SONG ON NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION DAY!!! We are making our new voting song, GO OUT AND VOTE - YES YOU!!! available for free download (non commercial use ONLY!) along with karaoke version, via Soundcloud. This song is important, please listen. 

  cut and paste> 

August 2018: 

We are in the studio mixing our voting song for Sept. release, and also recording our next song for Halloween, with kids, and we are also working with an artist on this song. 

July 2018: 

* Recording with kids on new bipartisan VOTING SONG! 

* Reviewing portfolios of two dozen artists for my next music video to begin Early August 

* Working on newest Kidlit/Kidlit Art Song AND Kindie Radio song 

* Going crazy trying to accommodate all the requests for songs on certain subjects. I am grateful to the teachers who sent me their ideas, and also to those who offered to help me tackle some difficult subjects. 

June 2018: 

* Interview with Mr. Jedlie on the Reading With Your Kids Podcast. We discussed the symbiosis between Kid Lit, Kid Lit Art and music, bullying prevention efforts in both Jedlie's and my company, and the No Place for Hate program.  I was honored to be asked, and accepted into the Kid Lit community. I also shared the new book trailer from Patrick Adams Books and AnnieBirdd Music, LLC on the show. 

May 2018: 

* Release of Book Trailer for "Amazing Lisa Rocks", based on the "Lisa Goes to..." book series by Patrick Adams.   Song By Patrick Adams and Annie Lynn.

* Release of music video for song "The Dog Eat Human Blues featuring Astro the Wonder Dog"    Artist is Kent Whittington.

February, 2018: 

* Newest Video for "It's Earth Hour" released, and had over 400 views the first day from 72 countries. 

* Song, "It's Earth Hour" was made available for FREE DOWNLOAD (with karaoke!)  to celebrate and acknowledge the observation of Earth Hour around the world, 8:30 - 9:30 p.m., this year, on Saturday, March 24th, 2018. Non commercial use only. 

January,  2018: 

* Featured review of NO TIME FOR HATE AND OTHER SONGS FOR SCHOOLS in online parents/teacher website "What To Do With The Kids" (See Press/Reviews) 

* Finishing recording/mixing commissioned song for Children's Lit author, for book trailer. 

* TEACHERS/HOMESCHOOLERS  * FREE SONG DOWNLOAD (for NON commercial use) - "Listen - A Nature Song" - Earth Day will soon be upon us, before you know it. I wanted you to have a song to work on the next couple of months, so you can proudly perform this at YOUR Earth Day celebration/observance.  Thanks to for helping get these free song downloads, complete with karaoke version and lyrics, out to those who can bring its message of Nature Conservation to others. 

HERE IS THE FREE SONG LINK: (You may have to paste into your browser...sorry) 

December 2017: 

* Re-release of the Holiday Hit, "I Kept Your Present." by Annie, Chris Arms and Alex W.  Featured on RADIO AGAIN! 

* Working on completion of a music video, supporting "The Dog Eat Human Blues" 

* Annie has accepted a commission for a song for an author and illustrator, to be used in a book trailer and also for radio play. 

November 2017: 

* Attendance at the Pennsylvania Arts in Education Network (PAEN) Symposium in Harrisburg, PA including breakaway sessions concerning ESSA and Title Funding. 


Annie and her husband Walt, performed at the Harrisburg, PA State Capitol for Senators and Representatives. 

Annie performed her song "No Time for Hate" seven years after debuting that song at the Capitol with the Glenside Elementary choir. She and Walt also lead the Regional Center for Women in the Arts in singing Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In the Wind". 

The occasion was a celebration of the "Fabric Of Peace" which is an ongoing project begun by women, in 2008. 

The mission of the Fabric of Peace is to make a positive statement by women connecting our shared interest in keeping peace in the world. 

 The quilt got so big, it was separated into five sections. 

Below are two links, one to the performance, the other to the Quilt Display.....


SEPTEMBER 2017:  Annie Lynn has been awarded GRAND PRIZE for Best Children's Song, in Session I of the 2017 John Lennon Songwriting Contest for her song "That's What I Wonder About Life" featuring Annie, and her son Alex W., and cousins Hannah S. and Andrew S. 


Joshua M. Allen was the artist  I hired to bring my vision to life. Thanks Josh. Find Josh at 

Please listen and just TRY not to let your heart swell...


* The music video of our multi award winning Back to School song, "NEW SCHOOL," has been receiving radio play and has officially been viewed over FOUR THOUSAND times, in 108 countries, so far! 

The top 26 viewing countries in order of highest views are: USA,  UK, CANADA, Italy, Spain, Greece,  India, Vietnam,  France, Australia, United Arab Emirates,  Russia, Germany, Egypt, Ireland,    Romania, Mexico, Pakistan, Israel, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Brazil, Turkey South Africa.   MONGOLIA had the lowest number of views. Maybe internet isn't as strong?! 

* Music video for "That's What I Wonder About Life" has just been illustrated by the fabulous artist Joshua M. Allen, and will be premiering the end of September. 

* Recorded exciting, funny new song, based on a children's book. Can't wait to share it soon! #kidlit #kidlitart 

Summer 2017: 

 Writing New Songs!!! Recording New Songs!!! Music Videos being made! 

April 2017: 

Our song, "It's Earth Hour" was just licensed by and used in a video for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)/Earth Hour Taiwan in a recap of the observation of Earth Hour in Taiwan. I will put a link to the video in "News" 

March, 2017: 

OUR music video (different from WWF's Version) for the song "IT'S EARTH HOUR" ended up being seen, as of 6/18/17, by: 


* 12 THOUSAND VIEWS! (we still continue to get international viewers DAILY! HEY WORLD! Thanks for stopping by!) 


* Reposted on FB and Retweeted on Twitter by environmental groups including WWF branches around the world 

It was thrilling to hear from people around the world, and also join together in the mission to #ChangeClimateChange 

*Annie Lynn nominated in the Finals of the International Songwriting Contest (ISC)  for her song, "New School", featuring cousins Alex W., and Hannah S. on vocals, and the amazing Wanamaker Lewis on Banjo. 

This song is in the Best Children's Song category.   It is also up for Best Children's Song in the Just Plain Folk Songwriting Contest

Here is the hit video of New School, burping included....sorry Mom. 

 This song continues to be our biggest hit overseas, and is currently enjoying generous airplay. Thank You. WE LOVE IT!