I was honored to be asked to be a guest on the Reading With Your Kids Podcast with Mr. Jedlie. He has such a kind way of speaking and asking questions, and he is fun to talk with. We found we have much in common, including our passion for bullying prevention, and we both feel the symbiosis of Kid Lit, Kid Lit Art & Music to make an elevated product (song for book & book trailer).”

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview

There are a number of songs available that promote the anti-bullying cause but this CD from singer/songwriters Annie Lynn and Chris Arms of Philadelphia is exceptional." - Brian Presley/What To Do With The Kids” - Brian Presley


The Glenside News & Times Chronicle GLENSIDE SINGERS READY TO ROCK THE PA CAPITOL (with songs from AnnieBirdd Music LLC) (Click here for article and video)
This is a nice article about the Turk's Head Music Festival, and some nice words for us, much appreciated.” - Article by Leigh Green

The Town Dish

Our song, video and story was featured on the Pacer Center's websites.” - by Danna Mirviss

Pacer Center's National Bullying Prevention Center

Interview with Annie Lynn and Chris Arms about their new CD "No Time for Hate and Other Songs for Schools" on the website, a music review website, hosted and written by Mary Burris.” - Article by Mary Burris

Jingle Jangle Jungle Music Review Website

Annie Lynn and Chris Arms were featured on the Children's Music Network Blog for "Tuneful Tuesdays."  Cute story.” - Alina Celeste/Annie Lynn

Children's Music Network (CMN)

Chloe's Friendship Circle November 23 at 8:07pm · Thank you to Little Ditties and SCHOOL SONGS FROM ANNIEBIRDD MUSIC, LLC for two AMAZING interviews today! Happy Thanksgiving!  CLINK LINK >…/episo…/2016-11-23T17_03_04-08_00 Chloe's Friendship Circle Episode 40 Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving Wow! It's Episode 40, and we are so thankful! In this episode we talk to Jeremy from Little Ditties…and Annie Lynn and Alex from AnnieBirdd Music, LLC  ” - Chloe/Kara/Dan

— Chloe's Friendship Circle (podcast for kids and their adults)

Here is a link to an article about Earth Hour and our song "It's Earth Hour" that came out in the Children's Music Network blog, "Tuneful Tuesday.” - Annie Lynn

Children's Music Network (CMN)

Review of the song "STOP THAT! - A Bullying Prevention Song" on ” - Dr. Malcolm Pullan

Kids Music Corner (UK)