October 18, 2015 :  The Arch Street United Methodist Church Choir premiered the song “No Time for Hate” by Annie Lynn and Chris Arms at a special service, featuring the Reverend Benjamin David Hutchinson.    The mighty choir was directed by Music Director Adam Haines, and both Mr. Haines and the choir are to be commended on their interpretation of the piece.  From the lush opening harmonies to the swaying choir and congregants, this piece came to life in their hands.  Reverend Robin Hynicka is also to be thanked for his enthusiasm and his welcoming us as if we were members.  I am so in awe of Rev. Robin; he is truly an angel on earth, or maybe a new David, fighting for the rights of ALL of society, and standing up to oppressors and showing the world that “There’s no time for hate, only love.”

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